Applied in automobile inner tubes, airtight layers, curing bags, etc.

Inner tube

Butyl rubber is a copolymer of isobutene and a small amount of isoprene, and it is extensively used for producing inner tubes with its exceptional airtightness.


Vulcanized capsules
CB-01 is mainly used in the production of vulcanized capsules for tires with its outstanding anti-twisting and anti-aging performance.

Tire airtight layer
Halogenated butyl rubber not only retains the original features of butyl rubber, but also has many excellent properties, such as fast vulcanization, diverse vulcanization methods, and ability to be co-vulcanized with other types of rubbers, so it is widely used for producing airtight layers of outer tires.

Rubber tube
Superb electrical insulation, corrosion resistance and aging resistance enable the rubber tubes to meet the needs of different industries.


Damping product
Butyl rubber possesses excellent mechanical damping property and superb damping capacity due to the characteristics of its molecular chain, the special worm-like form of molecular motion in the glass transition region.