HSE Strategy

HSE commitment of CenwayCenway is committed to people-centered, prevention-oriented and clean production, and is dedicated to sustainable development. Cenway listens to the opinions of customers, employees and society, and puts employees’ health, safe production, and environmental protection on the top of the agenda.
HSE target of Cenway

Cenway pursues zero harm, zero pollution and zero accident, and aims to grow into a green, ecological and modern chemical company.

Safety is the foundation of our core values. Only by securing the safety of ourselves, others and the environment can we put people first and guarantee the growth and development of the company.

Core values: People-centered, pursue the joint growth of the company and employees, and the harmonious development of the company and the society.

HSE Policy

Safety first and prevention first; all-staff participation and comprehensive treatment; environmental improvement and health protection; continuous improvement and absolute perfection.

Zhejiang Cenway has always put safety first, strengthened safety production and management, established and improved the responsibility system for safe production, and enhanced safe production conditions; we aim to control safety risks in a scientific, dynamical and continuous manner, to avoid personal injury, fire explosion, environmental pollution and other accidents to the greatest extent possible. We have established an HSE management institution, set safety policy objectives and strengthened management to clarify responsibilities, authorities and affiliations, rationally allocate human, financial and material resources, establish HSE files for employees. and create a safe, environment-friendly and healthy corporate culture. We value HSE training for employees, aim to improve their HSE awareness and ability, and take HSE performance as an important basis for assessing and motivating employees.

To ensure the normal operation of the HSE management system and develop a complete, appropriate and effective file control system, Zhejiang Cenway has established a risk evaluation and hidden danger management procedures. Through this system, we can clarify the evaluation objects, identify the influence factors of hazards and accidents, choose criteria, make records, set specific goals and quantified targets, and assess and treats the hidden dangers in the production process. We have imposed stricter requirements for contractors and suppliers in terms of safety, health and environmental system management, strengthened change management and emergency management, and designated personnel to handle and prevent accidents properly.

Our production and operating activities comply with the laws and regulations of the national and local governments on safety, environment and health, and based on that, we continue to improve related rules and regulations of the company. We have made comprehensive use of resources to promote clean production; we have improved working conditions, providing employees with necessary protective supplies and health care measures, and arranging regular occupational health examinations for employees every year. We publish HSE performance regularly, and will continue to enhance HSE management to achieve harmonious development with society.

  • Nine safety principles of Cenway

    1. All accidents and injuries are avoidable.

    2. To work and live in a safe manner is the prerequisite for employment.

    3. Efficiency is based on outstanding safety performance.

    4. Managers are responsible for managing safety and should be held accountable for accidents caused thereof.

    5. Managers must conduct safety assessments.

    6. Employees are the key to safe work.

    7. Employees must receive safety training.

    8. My area, my responsibility for its safety.

    9. Report and address safety loopholes in a timely manner once discovered.

  • Six golden safety rules of Cenway

    No one is allowed to smoke in non-smoking areas.

    No one is allowed to consume alcohol before work.

    No one is allowed to conceal the accident.

    No one is allowed to violate the safety management procedures for operations with fire.

    No one is allowed to violate the safety management procedures for enclosed space operations.

    No one is allowed to violate the safety management procedures for locking and signing.

Social Responsibility